SEO Case Study: How Programatic SEO Can 25x Your Impressions

SEO Case Study: How Boosted Their Organic Traffic by Over 25x in Just One Month is a brand new website in the real estate industry. The client wanted to test the potential of programmatic SEO and AI-generated content to increase their organic traffic. With the help of our team, was able to achieve remarkable results in a short period.


The biggest challenge for was getting noticed in a highly competitive real estate market. With thousands of websites offering similar services, it was difficult to stand out and attract a significant amount of organic traffic.

Getting noticed in a highly competitive marketImplement a programmatic SEO strategy utilizing AI-generated content


I implemented a programmatic SEO strategy, utilizing AI-generated content to improve the website’s ranking on search engines. We optimized the website’s on-page elements, including meta titles and descriptions, header tags, and keyword usage. I also created high-quality, unique content that was relevant to the target audience, which helped to increase the website’s visibility on search engines.

*Note: This was more of a test case than anything. I don’t promote using 100% AI generated content but as an SEO consultant, I try to test what is working and what isn’t without relying exclusively on other peoples findings. AI generated content is likely not something that will work for the long term or for every business but it is something worth understanding and learning.

On-Page OptimizationContent Creation
Optimized meta titles and descriptionsCreated high-quality, unique content relevant to target audience
Optimized header tags (H1-H6)Using SEO keyword research at scale I was able to find the optimal heading tags for over 2000 pages.
Keyword usage optimization


The results were remarkable. In just one month,’s organic traffic increased from less than 100 impressions per day to over 2500 impressions per day. This resulted in a 25x increase in organic traffic, which helped to drive more leads and conversions for the client.

Organic TrafficIncreased from less than 100 impressions per day to over 2500 impressions per day (25x increase)
Case Study for Programatic SEO


The success of’s programmatic SEO strategy demonstrates the potential of AI-generated content and programmatic SEO to drive significant results in a short period. I was able to implement a comprehensive strategy that helped the client to stand out in a competitive market and achieve their goals. If you’re looking to boost your website’s organic traffic, consider utilizing programmatic SEO and AI-generated content to drive the results you need.

Benefits of programmatic SEO and AI-generated content
Drive significant results in a short period
Stand out in a competitive market
Rank in the SERPs within the top 20 positions for hundreds of keywords
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