The Space Between

Is your calendar stacked and packed from sun up to sun down? Is it jammed packed with meetings, deadlines, tasks, and reminders?

Mine looks like a battleground.

Don’t get me wrong, I live and die by my calendar. “What gets scheduled gets done” as the saying goes. The problem, I believe, is that we are not planning any space between these critical calendar events. This jammed packedness is leading us down a path of going mad.

It seems that everyone I talk to these days mentions some variation of anxiety. It’s top of mind. The stress of life is pulling at all of us. Maybe pulling us apart, limb by limb.

There is simply no space between the blocks to think, plan, revisit, reflect, or refresh. We jam our days full of things to do in pursuit of getting it all done and feeling productive.

I’ve been meditating on this concept that we need to teach kids how to navigate the demands of life. We need to teach how to develop a framework for promoting “space” in our lives.

We are taught how to read, write, how to do math but lack the skills necessary to navigate space and time. We lack the skills necessary to communicate deeply with others and work through hard emotions.

This is not part of school. This is left up to parents which isn’t a bad thing but most parents were not taught these things either. So the loop of anxiety, stress, and downward spirals continue.

It’s more than tactics. We need a fundamental understanding of creating space in our lives. The importance of it and how to pursue it.

Do you block time on your calendar for “space”? Do you block time to allow for tranquility? I wonder if tranquility is like creativity. You can’t always force either one of these but I believe it is important to provide enough space to trigger them.

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