When Grandmommy died, I was afraid that some part of me would die. But instead what happened it’s just the opposite: part of Grandmommy me lives on inside me. Her spirit will be with me all my days. I can call on my memories of her anytime I need to be cheered or comforted or anytime I need to cheer or comfort others.

pg: 81- But what she would do for me it was truly remarkable, and it is the one thing I Val to emulate. Grandmommy he was a very busy woman. She’s sewed for dozens of people; she kept house; she went to Circle club, church, and Wednesday dinners; she attended Actors Theatre, the ballet, coffee concerts, and homemakers club. But whenever I call her and say “Grandmommy, what are you doing?” She would always say, “Nothing. What do you want me to do?”

pg:82 – I can just picture her now, already settling in up in heaven. And when God says to her “Mary, what are you doing?” She’ll look up with a smile and say “Nothing Lord, what would you like me to do?”

pg:80 – Lessons on successful relationships

  • Be admirers of each other
  • Put those you love at the top of your list
  • Enjoy each other

January 28, 2021