The other important qualities that define successful life, ultimately, or meaningful relationships and meaningful work. It will not be money or things or monuments by which we measure our lives at the end.

It will be whether we have created and maintained good, strong, meaningful relationships – from family and friends to colleagues and employees. It will be whether we have contributed in some life-improving way, some meaningful way, to our organizations and communities, in the world.

The most important reason to participate in anything is to contribute at the maximum of our talents, abilities, and resources, and in some personal way, to lead by action and example. The most important reason to own an organization is to build something which will sustain itself and endure and succeed beyond us.

The most important determinant of an organization’s success or failure is its leader, the owner or president. The company will become whatever their core values and personal principles are, and the most important skill sets your leader may have are those of self-awareness, decision-making, the ability to work with other people and empower them, and the ability to listen and to lead. 

January 27, 2021